They Met at the Office! Fayokemi and Feyi’s #BNBling + Lovestory

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Fayokemi and Feyi, They Met at the Office! Fayokemi and Feyi’s #BNBling + Lovestory, Naijasee

Fayokemi and Feyi’s love story melts our heart in all the right places. The couple-to-be met each other at their place of work but didn’t start a relationship until five months after their first meeting. 18 months together and the groom-to-be, asked his sweetheart to spend the rest of their lives together!

How We Met
By the Groom-to-be, Feyi

I met Fayokemi at my previous place of work on the 5th of August, 2016. I fell in love with her heart! She was selfless to a fault, and has a heart that can accommodate the world! Thankfully, it was mutual.
But I wanted to be sure before I asked her on a date. So I told God how I felt about the pretty miss and the action I wanted to take, and he was like ‘why not? I asked her on the 20th of January 2017 after I had left the company.  Nine days later, she said Yes.

The Proposal
By the Groom-to-be, Feyi
After about 18 months of dating, I was ready to ask her to spend forever with me. Fayokemi had a lunch meet up with our mutual friend, Titi at YellowChilli after church. I and a few friends had arrived before them and hidden in another space upstairs. On her arrival, another of my friend who she didn’t know but who sings really well went down to bring her up to the proposal spot while singing “Flying without wings” by West life.

At first, she thought it was for someone else and was really shocked when the guy came to her table holding out a rose flower. She followed him upstairs and met our other friends holding flowers and cards. With our old pictures on the wall, I dropped to one knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with me and she said Yes to forever!

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