AGT’s Kechi Okwuchi is thankful for a Carbon Dioxide Laser Surgery Which go Successful

Kechi Okwuchi

America’s Got Talent” Finalist Kechi Okwuchi was in the hospital on Tuesday to undergo carbon dioxide laser surgery.

The singer shared a photo of herself during and after the surgery on her Instagram, writing that it was non-invasive.

So I had the second of 3 rounds of co2 laser surgery today at @shrinersgalveston and as always, it went well 🙂 it’s non-invasive guys, so I’ll be at full strength in 3, 4 days ☺️ some might feel I’m oversharing, but all lives are made up of hills, valleys and plateaus, and I wanna share a bit of everything with y’all, so 🤗 I thank God for a successful surgery and I pray for a smooth and whole recovery!

Here’s sending her love and light!


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