Some Of The Worst TV Shows Of 2018 You Shouldn’t Bother | Watching

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Some TV shows are classics while some, you wouldn’t want to watch from a distance.

From classic shows like Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones which is entering its final days, Westworld is coming back, The Walking Dead which remains engaging, TV shows are enjoying some sort of revival.

With so much shows to watch this 2018, here are a number of them that are so bad that you may want to go ahead and skip.

Life Sentence

This CW show is a breezy dramedy which is about a young woman named Stella (Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars) who thought she was dying of cancer and for years lived everyday like it was her last, only to have her cancer cured, leaving her to deal with the ramifications of her impulsive decisions.

What makes the show hard on the eyes is that it seemed to delight in torturing its lead character while also bringing so much sentimentality that comes up with terminal disease shows.

The Resident

Matt Czuchry of Gilmore Girls and The Good Wife portrays a medical rogue who plays by his own rules. The Resident depicts the military trained (and scarred) Dr. Conrad Hawkins making rash decisions and ignoring directives from his superiors because he has a gut feeling about what crazy medical procedure to go for.

Unfortunately, the lead character doesn’t come across as heroic. He appears arrogant and smarmy, much like a hard-to-like anti-hero like Dr. House on House. And what seems to be The Resident’s biggest flaw is that it doesn’t offer anything new to the world of TV.

Here and Now

This TV show has a number of Oscar-winning talent behind it. Creator Alan Ball has one for writing American Beauty, while stars Holly Hunter and Tim Robbins earned theirs for acting in The Piano and Mystic River, respectively. This however didn’t guarantee the success of the show.

Here and Now is about a progressive family made up of a philosophy professor (Robbins), a therapist (Hunter), and their four mostly grown children, adopted from around the world. Their only biological child is in high school, where many didactic conversations about social issues are held.

The lead character has a tendency to have weird dreams and prophetic hallucinations. The only thing is that things are overwrought in the show so much that viewers might be left bored.


Some shows from the early 2000s were basically procedural crime with a twist. There were tons of shows about detectives, but they all had a singular, irresistible hook.

The Mentalist concerned a police consultant whose observational skills were misinterpreted as psychic ability. Deception is about a celebrity magician (Jack Cutmore-Smith) with the celebrity magician name of Cameron Black, who, after his career is destroyed by a scandal, teams up with the FBI to help them solve crimes.

He uses his gift for “illusions” to help get into the mind of criminals somehow. Unfortunately however, critics have not found Deception very magical.

Inkoo Kang of Variety describes the TV show as “Never rising above its hokey premise, the procedural is further sunk by transparent mysteries, hollow supporting characters, and a fatal lack of surprises.”

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