Founder of YouNeek Studios and the creator of the graphic novel ‘Malika: Warrior Queen’ Roye Okupe is now hoping to turn it into an animated series. 

Malika: Warrior Queen is set in 15th century Africa and it features fictional characters in real life locations such as the Oyo Empire, Timbuktu among others.

To do this, the writer has decided to launch a Kickstart campaign to raise $15,000 for the production of its pilot episode.

Okupe explained that:

A little over three years ago I quit my full-time job to start YouNeek Studios. I did so because all my life I’ve wanted to create stories that are inspired by African history, culture and mythology. Until this point, I have fulfilled this goal successfully by publishing graphic novels.

My books have been successful due to an amazing group of fans that constantly support my projects. Everything I’ve created and achieved up to this point has led me to this moment. I know that it is now the time to move into the realm of animation!

Animation? Yes, you heard that right! YouNeek Studios has decided to officially move forward with production of the Malika: Warrior Queen animated pilot/episode one.

The animated series is important, as it will allow black children — particularly black girls — to see themselves as heroes.

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